Each Sunday we will be cooking up our Wood Fire Roasts at Vinchelez Farm Shop, available for collection and pre-ordered only. 


These lovely roasts are cooked using our La Rôtissoire de la Robeline which results in succulent, flavourful meats with a hint of wood smoke - served with seasonal vegetables - absolutely delicious! 


To order - simply add items to your shopping basket and confirm which Sunday date you are placing the order for.  You can do this when adding the item to your cart - you only need to do it once.  If you are ordering for multiple dates, just let us know.  We will call you to arrange payment and the best collection time, so any special requests can be covered in person. 


We will be cooking our top standard Label Anglais Chicken, Dingley Dell Pork and, when we can get it, Lamb with a selection of lovely local potatoes and vegetables.  


Label Anglais Chicken - £25

Dingey Dell Pork Loin - £27.50 

Leg of English Lamb - £65

Green Beans with shallots - £2.50 per portion 

Roasted Peppers (2 halves) - £4.50 per portion 

Jersey Royal Potatoes -  £2.50 per portion

Dauphinoise Potatoes - £4 per portion

Adiditonal Market Items Available: 


Our seleciton of ciders and spirits. 

Rise Bakery Sourdough regular loaf (500g) £3.50

Rise Bakery Sourdough large loaf (700g) £4

Vienna Bakery Campaillou large loaf £5

Joe Freire’s asparagus £4 a bunch

Joe Freire's strawberries £4 a punnet

Hamptonne Farm eggs £2.50 for half a dozen

Dawn's Black Butter, (all funds to Jersey Hospice) £2.50 small jar

Dawn's Black Butter, (all funds to Jersey Hospice)  £4.50 large jar 

The Chilli Kitchen Bitter Lemon Squash 500ml bottle £5

The Chilli Kitchen Regular Lemon Squash 500ml bottle £5

The Chilli Kitchen Elderflower Cordial £5

The Chilli Kitchen Chilli Oil Medium 250ml bottle £5

The Chilli Kitchen Chilli Oil Hot 250ml bottle £5

The Chilli Kitchen Tomato, Chilli and La Robeline Cider Relish, 250ml bottle £5

The Chilli Kitchen Spiced Apple Chutney mild £4

The Chilli Kitchen Onion Chutney  £4

The Chilli Kitchen Chilli Jam mild  £4 

The Chilli Kitchen Apple, Thyme & Calvados jelly £4

The Chilli Kitchen Apple & Chilli jelly medium £4

The Chilli Kitchen Red Peppper & Chilli Relish £4

Douet Farm Goat's Cheese £4.50

Douet Farm Goat's Milk (order by Thursday evening for collection on Sunday) £2.50



Pop Up Wood Fire Cook Ups & Mini Genuine Jersey Market

  • Our wood fire roasts take place at Vinchelez Farm Shop - St Ouen every Sunday. Please specify the date you are ordering for when you place your order. We will then be in touch with you to arrange payment and collection time.

  • Manor Farm, Route de Vinchelez, St Ouen. We will liaise with you regarding your collection time when we call to arrange payment.


    Directions to Vinchelez Farm Shop - From St Ouen’s Village, Farmer’s Inn and Parish Hall on your right, Morrisons on your left, follow this road out of the village for approximately 1 - 1 1/2 miles. You will pass Daisy Cottage campsite on your right and some greenhouses set back from the road on your right. The road then narrows and dips. In the “trough” you have Vinchelez Manor de Haut on your left and de Bas on your right. There is a slight incline to the road and about 150 yards on your left is the farm entrance with a curved granite wall. Please drive in - we will be in the car park! 

La Petite Robeline, St Ouen, Jersey, Channel Islands,



Tel: 01534 487883 or 07797729037